What is is not a usual website that you can access. You can access this website if you have a Netgear Extender installed at your home or you want to setup the Netgear Wireless Extender. The device on which you want to open this website must be connected to the wireless extender otherwise it will show an error message “Page cannot be displayed”. The error message varies according to the web browser that you will use to open Troubleshooting

Unable to access The First issue that you may encounter is accessing the website To fix this issue, try the following things:
  • To confirm that the issue is not because of the browser, try opening it in another web browser.
  • Check the power LED on the extender. It should be solid green. This is to confirm that the extender is plugged properly into the power outlet.
  • Check the PC to Extender LED light. It should be lit.
  • Connect your extender to the router through an Ethernet cable. Now access using the default IP address of the extender that is
  • Resetting your browser may solve this issue.
  • Assign your computer a static IP address.

Unable to see Netgear Genie:

In this case, make sure that your computer is using Dynamic IP address, not the static one. If this is done, check out the Device to Extender LED light, it should be solid green. If all ok, open a web browser and type in the address bar of your browser window.

Installation setup keeps asking for the passphrase:

  • The reason for this is that you have put the extender at the borderline where the signal of the main router is not reaching properly. Move your router closer to the main router or in the range of the wireless router.
  • Make sure you are entering the passphrase in the correct field.

Some devices not working when you connect them to the extender:

  • This happens when you reserve some IP addresses for some of your devices on the router. This issue can be solved by adding the translated MAC addresses into IP reservation list of the router.
  • When you connect your wireless device to the extender, the existing MAC address gets translated to another MAC address. So, you need to add this new MAC address into the reservation list by logging into the router.

You have entered the wrong passphrase and now, you are not able to access the extender anymore:

This happens when the router security is set to WEP. The device you are using is not able to get the IP address from the extender. The only option to correct it is, reset your extender. See at the end of this page, how to reset your extender?

Unable to find 5 GHz existing network when trying to install the extender:

You will encounter this issue when the router is set to a DFS channel. In this case what happens is, your extender is not able to see the existing SSID of the 5 GHz network. To solve this issue, follow the steps given below:

  • 1. Change the position of your router. Place it closer to the router that is around five feet away. Now continue with the setup.
  • 2. Check the DFS certification of the router as some of them support DFS.
  • 3. If it is DFS certified then find the 5 GHz band section by logging into the router. You can log in by using the default credentials if you have not changed them yet.
  • 4. Check the Wi-Fi channel frequency. Either it is set to Auto or DFS channel.
  • 5. If this is so. It’s time to change the channel selection. Set channel to 36-48 or 149-165. Click on Apply button to save the changes you have made.
  • 6. After changing the channels, you are able to see your 5 GHz wireless network name in the list of available networks. Now you can extend the network you want to.

How to reset the Netgear extender?

This can be done in the case when you have forgotten the password of your extender or when you have entered the wrong password and now you are unable to see it.

To reset the extender, follow the steps given below:

  • 1. Locate the reset hole on your extender. You can find it on the side panel of the extender.
  • 2. Take a pin or paperclip. Hold the reset hole for about 7 seconds and release.

The extender is now set to default factory settings.

The default username is admin and password is password.
If you have any issues in any of the above topics, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is here for you all time to help you in resolving the issues. Login Support

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I am unable to login from URL address,Green on both 2.4G and 5.0G, However, 2.4G does not maintain continuous "hand shake" with Modem confirmed with modem carrier (TWC) that their modem supports 802.11ac which it does. How do I get into my account?

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It won't connect to my router which is a netgearadsl 2 plus and the model number only has numbers no letters and it’s from ATT,trying to change the password and I get an error message saying I am not connected,try to set up my extender and led on extender won't light.

I have a new ex6100v2 extender it will not setup, plug into power I get a green blinking light I press the wps button on my router green blinking never connect,Need to find the "web address"for the unit we are using to "allow" it access to wifisignal.( )

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Just bought the n300 wifi range extender. I'm in the same room as my PC and it is turned on with a green light visible. I have tried to follow the directions without success. When I logged in to the Netgear website and did a search for this product, results said there was no product.

I thought I had it hooked up properly but didn't work,it won't connect to current wifi,where do I login for my existing extender,changed router and now need to reconnect to extender( )

The router is wep at motel. My extender won’t show light on router light but shows green on the right side,i am unable to access,

not sure if my extender is working properly with the new router( )

I cannot sign into router have found my cox. but not extender all lights are good,That is funny. Just bought an extender. It says to create an account to setup. Where do I do that?(

we can only connect to our home network with a gaming console after plugging the extender in. We cannot access the internet with iPad and phones etc since plugging in the extender,we went through the preliminary steps in the manual and plugged the extender in while in the room with the wifi router and then we moved the extender to another location. the model number is ex 6400 i believe( )

we had a lightning strike here Sunday missed the house by less than 30 feet. extender shows that I am connected to it but it is not connecting to the new router. help,unable to setup 5g on my ac5300...wants to setup on 5g_2 which runs slower( )

Mychromebook and kindle fire will not load the address in the browser, can’t connect to the extender. It keeps searching for networks but never finds any.( )

Wont sink with the wifi router,User name and password changed by my ISP. How do I set up my extender? Ican’t even log into website listed on instructions to set up wifibooster( )

How do I connect to the extender if the WPS is not working and my computer does not accept an ethernet connection( )

I cannot access IP address. I am just getting that message. I was told some have not had the internet for over a week. So I was just checking to see if I missed an update,it looks like i connected it now trying to setup in web browser( )

I just bought an n300 and trying to connect to my house wifi,I am trying to set up and now it says that page is not there

I cannot login to my AC1200 (EX6200v2). I set it up and green light is solid downstairs. I have device that requires exact name of Network, which I placed without the _2GEXT at end. I want to see the name now on extender. NO password.( )

I periodically get a login window for my NETGEAR WN2500RPv.2 which we do not have a login or password for. When it pops up, I have to restart my computer and the issue goes away. I would like to know how I can reset the login and password information for my unit since my corporate IT office has no record of it for my location.I don't know what an extender is. My router is from Verizon so I am basically confused. The only thing that I have that has NETGEAR on it per se is my switch.It says connected, but no internet.It is green with the arrow pointing to the right. No matter where I place I get an arrow( )

I boughta extender and i am following the steps but i cant connect with the wps button because ican’t find one on my router or modem,Model WN3000RPv3. I don’t remember my password for my netgearwifi extender. How can I reset it?( )

I just need to know where to go setup the extender,I cannot get the genie to complete the setup, yet my desktop is connected and on the internet.

I am setting up another extender and it is un secured. trying to log in to set up security,not connecting to the internet ... shows not connected, secured,I follow all the directions by the book but still extender still not connect, hi now I want to set up netgear extender. Please help me thanks. why are the directions for setup incorrect?( )

I am trying to go through the web browser and there is not an option for setting up a new extender like it states in the booklet ( )