Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 EX7000

About the extender EX7000

It is the best Netgear extender manufactured by the Netgear Company. This extender gives a speed of 600 Mbps on 2.4 GHz band and a speed of 1300 Mbps on 5 GHz band. We can say it is the best extender for home or small office use. You will get a stand within the box of the extender to make it stand vertically. The extender measures 252mm by 174mm by 31mm. Multiple antennas are provided with the extender to expand the range of the wifi to far corners of the home. It has the capability to shift from one band to another automatically according to the usage. Suppose if you are browsing the internet or sending email, it uses 2.4 GHz band and if you are streaming videos or playing online games then it uses 5 GHz band.

It has five Ethernet ports on the back. It means you can connect five devices to this extender and can cover whole home. The WPS button to connect to the extender in one go, reset button to set the router to factory default settings and power connector all are on the back of the Netgear extender. USB 3.0 port is on the front of the extender. You can share data with other devices by using this port. Connect a device to this port and share over your network. All the devices connected to your network can view the shared file over the network.

Netgear Extender 7000 setup

The easiest method to setup the extender is through WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). To perform this setup, you need to plug it into an electrical outlet and then press the WPS button firstly on your router and then on the extender. Both get connected after few seconds. After this, you will be able to connect to the extender’s network. The extender will have an extension _EXT and has the same name as your router has. The password of the extender is same as the password of your router. You can change the password for the Netgear extender network. After changing, you have to put it if you want to connect your deviceto the network of the extender.

There is another method also to setup the extender. Open the web interface of the extender by typing in the browser’s address bar.Now there are two possibilities either you are able to access the login window of the extender or it will show you an error message saying “you are not connected to the internet or you are not connected to the Netgear extender. If the login window opens up then enter the default username and password in the given fields then click on the submit button. You will get landed to the home page of the extender and the setup wizard starts automatically. You have to follow some of the instructions coming on the screen. And the setup is finished.

If you are encountering an error message then get troubleshooting tips from our technical team. We provide solutions for the following issues related to Netgear extender model EX7000.

  • Trouble in accessing the offline website to setup the extender.
  • You have successfully setup the Netgear extender but now not able to see the name of the extender in the list of available networks. So you are not able to connect to the extender’s network.
  • It is showing you are connected to the extender network but still cannot able to browse the internet.
  • Getting trouble in connecting to 5 GHz network.

One of the finest solutions to these problems is to check out the firmware. Sometimes you are not using the latest firmware of the extender and that is why encountering so many issues. Check out the same by opening the web interface of the extender. Go to setting and then firmware if there is any link to download the latest firmware then download it on your computer. Browse the downloaded file and you will get the latest firmware. May be after this, you will not get any problem in accessing the internet through your extender.

If still, you are having issues then get in touch with us through the live chat window provided on our website and get a solution from experts.